Stringsta learning
Stringsta offers learning communities, whether schools, colleges or non-traditional institutions, powerful and engaging tools for multi-location collaborative learning:
  • Online multi-media collaborative storyboarding - made easy!
  • Enables collaboration inside and outside the classroom
  • Enables project groups to plan, generate, change, review and save video, audio, images and text in one highly interactive, intuitive, visual interface
  • Makes the creation of multi-media documents a simple, intuitive process
  • Maps alternative pathways through content, allowing the whole creative process to be archived visually
  • Rule-based access system controlled by teacher or mentor
  • Tracks and analyses individual and group behaviour
  • Allows non-group members to view, comment on and rate content, and to generate own playlists
  • Interoperable with VLEs and other systems
  • SCORM compliant
  • Enables Learning Design and Workflow Management
  • Fully customizable solutions can manage accounts at district, campus and classroom level.
  • Want to collaborate with other organizations anywhere in the world? Simple with Stringsta Learning Across Boundaries

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