The scenes of devastation shown around the world from the Tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean in December 2004 will be hard for any of us to forget.  Yet the amount of destruction and loss of life has been described by some scientists as a “walk in the park” compared with the current threat of a mega tsunami that hangs over the entire east coast of the US, the Americas and the Caribbean.

A tsunami (pronounced tsoo-nah-mee) is a series of fast moving waves created by an impulsive disturbance to the ocean floor such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or even the impact of meteorites.  These surges can ravage coastlines often with little or no warning. As the wave approaches land, its height increases while its speed decreases. The waves travel at high speed, more or less unnoticed where crossing deep water, but can increase to a height of 30 meters and more in shallower waters. Tsunamis can cause severe destruction.

Recently scientists have discovered the next event is likely to begin at La Palma in the Canary Islands, off North Africa. In 1949 the southern volcano (Cumbre Vieja) on the island erupted. During this eruption an enormous crack appeared across one side of the volcano, as the western half slipped a few meters towards the ocean. The growing concern is that the ideal conditions for a landslide – and consequent mega tsunami – currently exist.

A landslide triggered by a volcanic eruption will create huge waves, almost inconceivably destructive and far bigger than anything ever witnessed in modern times.  The initial impact into the ocean will create a dome of water (according to the Swiss F.I.T model) 650 Metres High.  The waves would spread out in a pattern like the ripples generated by dropping a stone into a pond.  Waves of up to 165 feet high will race across the entire Atlantic Ocean at the speed of a jet airliner (approximately 450 mph) and devastate the eastern seaboard of the United States, sweeping away everything in its path and in some places up to 13 miles inland. America will have been struck by a mega-tsunami.  Boston, Miami and New York will suffer massive destruction by the impact and the Caribbean Islands overwhelmed. (Watch simulation Here)

Once this has occurred you will have approx eight hours to evacuate. (The time it takes the wave to get to the U.S.A and Americas.)

Once this has occurred you will have approx eight hours to evacuate. (The time it takes the wave to get to the U.S.A and Americas.)

Although nobody is able to prevent this impending disaster scientists point out there is a lot that can be learnt from the Tsunami in December 2004. The problem with the 2004 Tsunami was that the warning centers had all the information, and knew where the Tsunami was heading, but said they never had anyone's telephone numbers to warn them.

With suitable monitoring and a good warning system people can be moved out of the areas at risk as soon as humanly possible.

Protection USA.Info is able to give you up to eight hours notice from when the landslide first occurs in La Palma that the mega-tsunami is on its way.

These warnings will be sent directly to your cell phone so you can act wherever you are 24-7. You do not have to rely on television broadcasts or news from neighbours.

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